Monday, March 9, 2009

The latest "must-have" item.

Perfect for multi-tasking, the potato serves as a vegetable, a complex carb, a useful arts and crafts tool, entertainment, breakfast, lunch, dinner, a source of potassium and other vital vitamins and minerals. Chic-ly packaged in a discreet brown wrapper, the potato is one of the few things left you can buy with spare change or foodstamps that will give you any pleasure. Designer models in red, blue, and gold are also available. Find out more about the potato’s many applications, including recipes and tips.


  1. My kids love making potato prints. They cut patterns into the potatoes, ink them and stamp them onto paper, fabric etc. But lately I've been wondering, are these inked potatoes edible when the children are done?

  2. According to my friend's son who took a law class in college before he was forced to drop out, I can't advise you on this matter. I can tell you what I'd do. I'd limit children's ink choices to gold, red and blue and go ahead and serve them. Everyone will think they're those fancy upscale designer potatoes.

  3. Dr. Lesley,
    You must be on to something. Note the feature in yesterday's Seattle Times.
    Yes, it's a feature on potatoes. Such a trendmaven you have become.