Monday, April 5, 2010

The Jobs report

Sure, the recent employment figures don't look good. But the evidence in front of apple stores this weekend tells a different story. Unless there's a Cash for Kindles program that I'm unaware of, the economy is finally getting back on it's feet.

How else can one explain the fact that the lines for the iPad debut were longer than those at the unemployment office? You'd think they were passing out government cheese (with an apple logo on it, of course).

700,000 iPads sold in two days. Which means last weekend the American consumer spent almost $500,000,000* for a product they don't need.

We're back!!!!

* calculated on a 2008 Macbook Pro calculator application, so that figure may be obsolete)


  1. The recession is over, the triage economy is on. Lines for the newest consumer goods -- and 20% of the population forced to live on the margins.

  2. I think there may be a business opportunity for those of us living on the margins: selling concessions to people waiting in apple store lines. Those people will buy anything and price seems to be no object.
    I'll be selling brand new reconfigured peanut butter sandwiches for $300./per. Extra for apps like jelly or honey.